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We are a holistic and Organic approach to Beekeeping. Located in Harvard Illinois in a old house backed up to 800 organic acres with native wild flowers.

THIS YEAR 2019 We are only offering 9 frame NUC'S (NO PACKAGE BEES) Our 4.9mm bees are hardy northern bees that overwintered the harsh cold weather . The bees genetics are a (MUTT VARITY). They will be in a standard langstroth box with 9 or 8 frames, just put the box that I supply you with (BROOD BOX) on your stand or use the one I provide. This makes it so simple for the new beekeeper.Then add new boxes on as the hive needs it. The bees usually provide you with about 60 pounds of honey in the first year. The box that the bees come in will be in a 6 5/8 standard langstoth brood box or a 9 5/8 standard langstroth box . Your choice.

Our intention is to keep the art of beekeeping as natural as possible the way Nature intended it to be. We attain this through our beekeeping methods that include: increasing the bee’s health and vitality through proper nutrition and being in the right environment.

To preserve the immune system of the bee we only feed them their own honey (NOT TOXIC WHITE SUGAR). Sugar is void of any nutrition and contains bleach and chemicals, that wreak havoc on their immune system, decreasing their ability to fight off dis-ease and viruses and in our opinion weaken the hive.   



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